The Story Behind The Cross Dresser’s Wife

By B. Sheffield Hunt

My accomplished book partner Dee A. Levy and I co-authored and edited The Cross Dresser’s Wife * Our Secret Lives for distinctly separate reasons. Obviously, she is the former cross dresser’s wife who founded the non-profit organization (NPO) Cross Dressers Wives back in 2006. Today, her NPO’s website receives over 2 million hits per year, yet for years she thought she stood alone. Over the course of publishing this book, I have been awed by and can only guesstimate the vast number of women her website has helped guide towards a more peaceful level of existence. Every accolade coming to The Cross Dresser’s Wife * Our Secret Lives is due mainly to Dee and the four other women who bravely stood up to share their dark and compelling stories.

I am no cross dresser’s wife; nor am I a cross dresser.

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