Two shocking things happened at the end of Thursday night’s installment of “American Idol”. First, judge Steven Tyler stripped down to his skivvies, mooned the camera — his naked booty obscured by an “American Idol” logo, of course — and then went for a swim in the water surrounding the stage in the Le Reve theater at Wynn Las Vegas, as Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson looked on, incredulously. Hey, what better way to celebrate the fact that the season’s Top 24 contestants had been chosen?
But wait — make that 25. The other shocking moment that happened was the announcement that the judges had decided to reinstate one previously-cut male contestant, resulting in a boys Top 13, instead of the usual Top 12. The four contestants who are vying for the extra slot include:
– Gentle giant Jermaine Jones, whose elimination earlier in the night was the most emotional send-off of the broadcast.
– 17-year old David Leathers Jr., the pint-sized smooth-talker who sounds like a young Michael Jackson.
– Bossy cowboy Richie Law.
– Johnny Keyser, the kid to whom Jennifer Lopez said at the end of his first audition, “You know you’re going to be a star, right?”

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