Written by Frances Lee, The Smart Show saff writer

I was watching the Oscars and the animated short film catagory caught my  eyes and ears with its whimsical music and animation. I YouTubed a few of the films so I can see the competition and anticipate which animated short film will win the Oscar award this year.
I started with ‘The Fantastic Flying Books’ because it won the award and found myself enthralled at the climactic scene of Mr. Lessmore trying to bring a book back to life by putting it back together. And when he starts to read the words in the text, the way that the film portrays his rapture with the book is exactly how I feel when I read books.
I have a special relationship with books, not only the context and stories, but the size and weight of them. I love the smel of them and the tactile feel of the paper between my fingers. I use bookmarks that always have fun stories behind them and become sentimental for me. I love everything about books.
But with the newest fad these days is the e-books which I have been on the fence for a few months now. My best friend got a Kindle for Christmas and I am so jealous of all the features that tiny thing contains. She literally gets to carry around every magazine, book and more in a few pounds.
I’ve had my eye on the Barnes and Noble Nook for a few months now, trying to wonder if its worth giving up my love for collecting books. I just don’t have the room right now to shelf every book I read even though I love to see how much I read.

Regardless, I found the short film quite lovely, and I hope to share it with you too. Becuase that is what movies are about, right? Sharing.