Written by Frances Lee, The Smart

The first gay kiss was aired on the long running soap opera, ‘DooL‘.

The first gay kiss in the 46-years was aired on the legendary soap opera, ‘Days of Our Lives’.

I really admire the producers and writers for not submitted to bigoted opinions against gay rights. I wonder what’s next, a African-American lead? I am now intrigued with the trail-blazing ways of soap operas.  Now all the non-working stay-at-home moms can watch this gay couple’s love blossom on television and hopefully they will become more tolerant to the idea of gay rights. As I reported a few months back, people in OC think being gay is a ‘Choice’.

“And it’s not just a kiss… it’s a HOT STEAMY make-out sesh!!”, blogged celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton. “Kudos to DooL and NBC for not bowing down to bigoted pressure!!”