WILMINGTON — Dr. Jill Stein, who is seeking the Green Party’s nomination for president, stopped at Wilmington’s Spencer Plaza Thursday and met with a crowd of about 20 people — mostly Occupy Delaware protesters.

“There is a rising up, a welling up if you will, of democracy and justices all over this country right now, and we see it most of all at the Occupy sites, where people are coming together sort of like old-fashioned democracy,” said Stein, a Lexington, Mass., physician. “Like the old-fashioned town meeting where ordinary people just got together and just talked about their needs, their visions, their concerns.”

Occupy Delaware, made up of local supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, has been protesting against a number of issues, including social and economic inequality, corporate greed and government inaction.

Stein said protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement reflect the same deep dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama as members of the Green Party, which she has called the nation’s only viable progressive third party. Stein has been speaking with protesters from different Occupy Wall Street movements as she tries to get on the ballot of about 45 states. As of Thursday, Stein needed about 100 people to register with the Green Party in order to get on Delaware’s ballot.

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