Written by Frances Lee, The Smart Show staff writer

“There is no middle class anymore,” shrugged Jenny, 26-year-old assistant manager of a clothing boutique. “And if it keeps going this way, I’m moving to Canada.”

Jenny is a democrat that supports a few republican policies and works full time however she feels like the country is ‘taxed beyond belief’ and ‘there has to be a more comfortable life than how it is these days’.

She means the ridiculously slow economy where her bachelors degree doesnt’t mean anything and has only  forced her to stay in a full time retail job indefinitely.

And when she says ‘The American Dream’ which our country ‘allegedly’ prides itself on, she means the notion of working hard and meet an opportunity of prosperity and living life in ‘pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“You should be able to graduate college without being up to your eyeballs in debt and be able to land a job and live a half decent living, Jenny said. “But now its a mission to graduate college with all the budget cuts and tuition hikes just to find out nobody is hiring. What the heck is up with that?”

“I believe one should be able to work hard and reap the benefits without taxation and general happiness. I work more than 40 hours a week and I barely can make ends meet and rarely have any spending money leftover for myself if I don’t have a parking ticket or something stupid to pay off.”

Jenny is incredibly articulate about her knowledge and opinions regarding politics but is also a realist. However she does believe that as a result of not pushing education in this country, our generation is ‘too stupid’ to know what is going on in the world.

‘Its true,” she said. “Nobody at my work knows what goes on in the congress and senate, and the younger generation rarely know the difference. People are so unaware of what the dangerous potential our world is in.”

Jenny keeps up with the news by reading the free newspaper at The Corner Bakery where she get’s lunch during work. (She would want to watch it on televesion but she can’t afford it.)

She also has a personal vendetta against the current tax situation since her father owns a successful company in the oil industry where she grew up in the desert. Yet regardles of his tireless labor, which inevitably affected and dissolved her parents marriage, his efforts did not pay off because  48% of his profits because he is in a higher tax bracket.

“He never missed a single day of work, was the first there and last to leave and took his work home with him so he could give us a comfortable life. He worked so hard that my mom left him and scarred up my childhood,” Jenny said. “And for what? To have almost half his money get taken away on top of paying alminony and a daughter to put through college.”

“It is evident that these laws being tossed around in our already corrupt judicial system effect the very core of our lives. For my dad, his work made him lose his family. For me this economy is making me used to live in constant struggle.”

And as our last celebrity guest Tim Russ so eloquently put it that it is up to the next generation to go out there and vote for the right policies that will set a guideline of the upcoming years.

My next mission will be to research some policies and report back.