Do you remember Harrison talking about the arsonist that wreaked havoc during this past Christmas? Well he got in big trouble on Tuesday with 63 more counts on top of what he originally got.
Read the story from the Hollywood Patch below!

By the Hollywood Patch

Prosecutors added 63 more charges Tuesday against a German national suspected in a four-night arson spree in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, bringing to 100 the total number of felony counts against him.

Harry Burkhart pleaded not guilty Tuesday afternoon, and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Upinder S. Kalra raised his bail from $2.85 million to $7.5 million as a result of the newly filed charges.

Burkhart, 24, was initially charged Jan. 4 with 37 counts — including 28 counts of arson of property and nine of arson of an inhabited structure — in connection with a dozen fires.

Prosecutors added 47 new counts of arson of property, along with 10 additional counts of arson of an inhabited structure and two counts each of arson of an uninhabited structure, attempt to burn and possession of flammable material.

In all, the charges involve 49 fires that caused millions of dollars in property damage, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

“Well, you know, the people believe that Mr. Burkhart shouldn’t get a free pass simply because he managed to victimize so many people,” Deputy District Attorney Sean Carney said outside court. “And, frankly, it’s just fairness to the victims and fairness to this community that we charge Mr. Burkhart with all of the crimes that we believe we can prove that he committed against all the victims terrorized in this arson spree. … To explain his conduct, you really have to present evidence of the entire arson spree.”

The prosecutor said he did not anticipate filing any more charges against Burkhart.

Burkhart is due back in court March 1, when a date will be set for a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence for him to stand trial.

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