Good companies make great choices. One such choice is a DJ on the high seas.   Our DJ is one of the most sociable people on board. One could learn how to charm a whole city by watching him. This is how mayors are made. The best mayors, of course, do not necessarily look for that spotlight, but naturally end up there because of cultivated people skills.

On the first leg of the voyage, two retired ladies from Canada followed him like two loving puppy dogs. They became nightly dinner companions and fast friends. I had the good fortune to be invited along and to watch this man sparkle most of our fellow travelers at one time or another.

Likewise, the crew adore him, too. When you live in isolation, as the seafaring life has traditionally been known for, camaraderie Is paramount to good mental health. I’ve seen him create personal playlists for new crew to make them feel a part of, rather than apart from. Also, he’s fixed a few old babes’ laptops when things froze up.

Therefore, to watch him so fluidly navigate so many personality types with joy is a kind of school in itself. His breed doesn’t seem to do this because they must, or because they’re expected or paid to do so, but because it’s the right thing to do.

It proves so clearly the old adage: you do get what you give and revelers have been given a gem.