Sorry about brief blog entry but ain’t no internet here. Relying on emergency blackberry plan for basic text emails. Chinese officialz on board to keep watchful eye and pore over our passports with their laptops. They’ve hijacked the ships already impotent wifi so all us gringos are incommunicado and screwed. Lucky I have an ancient tmobile blackberry plan that obsoletely roams on maritime signals.

Will take lots pics and vids for imminent posting!

Gale force winds and watertight doors closed below. Should be some fine puking if the sea picks up. Watched an old lady clackity clack her walker sideways as the ship hove to starboard. The entertainment never quits.

Did a spin class alone yesterday. The gym here must be super exclusive because the beauty salons, buffets, and spas are packed while the huge modern gym is deserted.

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