We have just passed through the international date line and the day of Wednesday has been omitted, so it’s now Thursday for me — I being one day ahead of you now. What’s truly bizarre, is that each night we set the clocks back an hour, and after being -4 hours we leapt ahead 23 hours. This is a tough one for me to wrap my head around in that we went back in time, only to surge into the future a complete day, with the bypassed day never having happened from our perspective. I miss my lost Wednesday as I had a great volume of work scheduled. However, as the gods would have it, I clearly don’t need ever to do that work that was scheduled on a Wednesday which never happened. Somehow it’s currently 5:48 PM on Thursday, yet my LA computer clock shows its 10:48 PM Tuesday night. This dateline business may be convenient permission, but it wreaks particular havoc on reality

The good news is, amidst all this, I have figured out the deadly toilet system on the ship. Its a comedian’s wet dream The ship is equipped with an E. Vac toilet system that uses a frighteningly powerful vacuum pump principle. Basically if you had a plentiful set of buttocks, each cheek spilling over the side of the toilet seat, sealing your fanny in a perfect vacuum, you could likely be eviscerated. The sucking appetite of this technology uses small pipework at a very high pressure — much like a detachable vacuum cleaner nozzle will suck a pressure ring on your Palm if grasping that hissing hole.
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