Penisians and Sappho’s Sisters Unite! Immediately following the recent election, established voices in our gay community gathered in West Hollywood to decry the abnegation of recently bestowed full civil rights to gay Americans as recently interpreted by the largely Republican Supreme Court of California. Thousands showed, blindsided by the recent hoodwinkery of the Right. Never before in U.S. history, had there been a plebiscite-reversal of the 14th Amendment by a radical conservative political sect, laundering millions of dollars through multiple tax-exempt (5013C) statuses granted religious organizations.

Based on a jumble of freshly colliding buzz darting back-and-forth, when asked by KNBC what the next step was, I smiled we’d be “storming the Los Angeles Mormon Temple as if it were the Bastille. See Published Report Here:NBC Newschannel 6 Where News Comes First – Prop 8 Opponents March Outside Mormon Temple

Next day, a larger movement fully defined itself: news helicopters overflew the Great Mormon Erection (temple), LAPD were on tactical alert, the 405 Freeway was closed for a time responding to vast crowds of demonstrators heading to the Federal Building during rush hour. Pulled from the ebb and flow of gays and straights alike, i found myself doing a sudden coast-to-coast radio fill-in for Mike Malloy, serendipitously able to provide live all-in coverage of this emerging civil rights revolution in North America’s second largest city.

Hear complete Radio Show here:

Thanks to the hard work of progressive ally, Jim Lafferty and A.N.S.W.E.R. LA (with whom the LA Harrison on the Edge radio show threw our Hollywood Parade for World Peace with Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson… by Saturday night, the bacchanal had grown to 12,500 amazing people, choking off the city of Silverlake.

Police and police helicopters showed up en masse with all TV, radio, and print media outlets in tow. The notion of a civil uprising for the benefit of Americans for Americans had trumped the usually-important breaking stories of car chases, celebrity sightings, and tattoo parlor raids. At least 50% of marchers were straight, in a sighn of human solidarity not seen in the past 8 years.

But, amidst the 99% peaceable assemblage, demonstrations of who really is in charge, were made clear, lest no-one forget:

Not since Stonewall had so many gathered outside a chaps and butt cheeks “pride” carnivale. This was gay America patriotically agitating for the Constitution’s unambiguous 14th Amendment… that ALL the humans have equal rights under the law.