If the president of the United States thinks that making the Klan great again is acceptable, should we also? ... See MoreSee Less

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On this anniversary of the Hiroshima Nagasaki bombing.....
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Huge developments. Trouble is afoot and afeet for the man who encouraged Americans to beat up other Americans at his rallies, offered to pay for their legal fees, and encouraged police brutality.

Two of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and it was clear that in their percolating United States of America, we
wouldn’t rough up people not yet convicted of any crime. The PEN reminds us that even after people are convicted of a crime, we Americans don’t gratuitously rough people up. Under our non-authoritarian system, taking a person’s freedom (liberty) away is punishment enough.

There are a lot of angry, despairing people in America - angry and despairing for many reasons, not the least of which is the extent to which they have been systematically betrayed by, yes, the Democratic Part of recent years. And when people are angry and despairing, they often make “nothing-left-lose” decisions like voting for fist-pumping demagogues.

Is DonTrump going down? Is the Democratic party starting to step up?

Former FBI chief, Mueller, just kicked of a new grand jury in Washington to start issuing subpoenas and soon enough, indictments.

Remarkably, the Republican controlled Senate just implemented a pro forma
session during their August recess, making it impossible for Don T. to
pretzel install a new fire-Mueller-friendly attorney general. Is the GOP now signaling that Trump is going down, and they’re not going to go down with him?

These two events are related.

No doubt Mueller expressly timed the launching of this new grand jury to raise the “obstruction of justice” bar against Trump trying to run a recess appointment switcheroo.

America rose up and grew a pai right in broad daylight. My ancestors are dustily giddy. Only Don’s supporters are disappointed that they still have healthcare despite their pre-existing conditions and an annual cap of roughly $6000 - even for a million dollars’-worth of transplants and aftercare.
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Hillsman Wright receives the second "Oscar" in his industry - the Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution recognizes an individual who demonstrates vision, dedication, selflessness and excellence through his or her contribution to historic theatres and their communities as a volunteer, board member, patron, donor, service provider, staff member or historic theatre advocate-at-large. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated excellence through his or her significant contributions, the impact of his or her services and breadth of populations served, and the length of time and/or intensity of contributions that benefit the field of historic theatres.

This is the man to thank for still being able to go to the Chinese, The El Capitan, and all of those familiar movie palaces on Broadway in downtown LA. And the bicycle lanes… Streetcars....
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Cary Harrison shared a link. ... See MoreSee Less

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Donald Trump is upset that his followers still have healthcare ... See MoreSee Less

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Pulse, an award winning independent Film / TV / Commercial company, is looking for a LGBTQ couple (ideally living in California) to feature in a short documentary project for a high-profile band.

The film is being made to coincide with the exciting release of the band’s new song later this summer. GREAT COMPENSATION!

This project will follow four real life couples as they say goodbye. These stories will explore separation from different parts of the world and with individuals from different backgrounds and situations, all to highlight the film’s universal theme— that we are fortunate to share our lives with the people we love, and that in the moments we say goodbye, we truly feel how profound that love is.

We would like to feature a young LGBTQ couple that has to say goodbye to each other within the next three weeks. Filming would take place 24 hours leading up to the departure, and capture the couple saying goodbye. Plz note this is not a breakup, as the couple needs to be very much in love and wishing they didn’t have to part ways.

The only criteria for consideration is that one person must be leaving in the next three weeks, and that you’re willing to share your love story with us!

If you or someone you know could be right for our project, please email ASAP
to casting@DSCastingCompany.com (subject line: “GOODBYE”) with the following:
Your name and cell phone number
Your location
A brief description of yourself and your spouse/significant other and your situation (when
you/your spouse is departing, how long you’ll be separated, how you met, and how long
you’ve been together)
Please include a few recent pictures of you and your partner as well.
We look forward to hearing from you and please share with your community!
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A Wall Street hedge fund manager is now Communications Director for the United States of America. ... See MoreSee Less

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